Why is Canada Still A Great Market For Solar Energy?

From the perspective of of renewable energy investors, Canada has long been considered an attractive market for solar energy. With a population of approximately 35 million people and a vast area to harness solar power, Canada has an ideal combination for strong growth in the solar market. Many provinces and territories have excellent incentive programs,  […]
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The Impact Of Snowfall On Solar Panel Systems

In recent years, an increasing number of homeowners who reside in colder climates are turning to solar powered energy to light their homes and businesses. Solar panels are a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly energy source and are often considered by homeowners who desire to leverage clean energy for heating and cooling their homes. While global warming […]
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Solar Generation On Cloudy Days

Solar power is quickly emerging as an alternative competitor to energy generated from fossil fuels, but how much energy can a solar panels generate on cloudy days? Industry experts say that a typical home solar system will produce approximately 30% of its maximum capacity on a days that the sun may shine for only half […]
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