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The power of the world around us has never been more clear. The time is now.

The ways of the past simply won’t cut it. You don’t have to take our word for it, just look at the world around you. The importance of knowledge and education at this time in our lives is monumental and at Sundamentals, we won’t rest until we achieve the goal of zero net emissions for every Canadian. 

Is it really possible to meet the growing demands for energy usage while minimizing our carbon footprint? We’ll need to work together.

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Free Resources To Educate Canadians On The Benefits Of Renewable Energy.

Our mission is to help facilitate the education of Canadians from coast to coast on the environmental impact of renewable energy and its many forms. 

Please feel free to leverage the plethora of free resources that we have available. Whether you’re a homeowner, a corporate entity or just a nerd who likes to learn, Sundamentals is the place to start. 

Learn about the enviornmental benefits and costs savings of renewable energy with our free Sundamentals Introductory course.

Can Solar Panels Survive Heavy Snowfall?

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Canada's Clean Energy Landscape

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Protect your family from rising electricity rates by powering your home with solar. Keep your ecological footprint to a minimum while reducing your monthly expenses. Take control of your future and gain your independence from the electric grid by switching to solar energy today!

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